About Us

SunnyBear is owned and operated by Jessica and Michaell, who love to travel, love to host, and love to share some of our favorite places along the way.

Our first vacation home was our oceanfront condo (Seamist Unit #10) on Florida’s emerald coast. It was never meant to be a business, just a place for us to enjoy…and perhaps for others to enjoy when we weren’t there. As we started to rent the place out to others, we discovered that we also loved helping other people enjoy this special place of ours.

Several years later, a trip to Yellowstone made us start thinking about how much fun it would be to own and share a place in Jackson Hole. We both love the snow and my husband geeks out on Yellowstone, moose, bears, and elk. (If you want to know about the area, just ask him…though make sure you have reserved some time…it may take a while).

Along the way, we turned a minor hobby into a nice little side business. We also discovered that we love to find, decorate, and try to think of every little thing a guest might want. We get a charge out of the joy that guests have when they visit the beach for the first time (or the 10th), or see a moose out the back door of our places in Wyoming, or just have a great day skiing in Colorado. Each comment transports us to these special places and we enjoy them at the same time.

We have been lucky enough to add condos near Breckenridge, Colorado and Austin, Texas to our collection (still trying hard to find the right place in Sedona, Arizona).

When we aren’t staying in one of our places, you might see in our travel blog that we are visiting an active volcano in Iceland, taking a train across Finland, kayaking in the Arctic or Antarctic circle, or swinging through the canopy in Costa Rica.